Culture in an Auto-Friendly City

Jazz in DetroitThe city of Detroit in Michigan offers a lot of colorful and vibrant events and festivals celebrated throughout the year. Whenever you desire for an extravagant vacation with different activities, Michigan will always be among the top choices for vacation getaways. The city has different musical celebration and festivals, side fairs, art shows, colorful entertainments which all showcase its rich culture and heritage.
Automobile is considered as the major industry in Detroit; and two of major events in the city are associated with this industry: North American International Auto Show, which is celebrated during the month of January, and Woodward Dream Cruise, which is celebrated in August. Meanwhile, race lovers will never get bored with the city’s Summer Motor City Style. This motor sports event is considered as one of the hottest events in the city celebrated towards the end of the summer season. The American LeMans Racing Series and IndyCar Series are the main attractions of this three-day event held on Belle Isle Park. Cruisin Woodward also showcases Detroit’s expertise and greatness when it comes to automobile. The APBA Gold Cup or APBA Challenge Cup, on the other hand, awards the best players in motor sports. Also celebrated during the summer season, powerboats and racing boats driven by finest competitors, sponsors, and fans fill Detroit River.

Detroit is recognized as Mid-west’s capital of American music. Among the famous music festivals celebrated in Detroit is the Spirit of Detroit Music Festival, which features R&B, blues, country, hip-hop, rock, and jazz music. Local independent musicians are the main attractions of this event, which gives an unforgettable weekend of music. Another musical festival in the city is The Movement Festival: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival held during the Memorial Day weekend. As the name implies, this festival features electronic music from local and international artists.  Meanwhile, Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival, which initially started in 1980, is held during the Labor Day weekend. Spearheaded by Detroit’s Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, this four-day celebration is considered as America’s largest jazz festival, and features the best of Detroit’s music like modern jazz, Latin, swing, and bop. Other music festivals celebrated in Detroit include The African World Festival, which is celebrated as the largest ethnic celebration in the city held at the Philip Hart Plaza; and the Detroit Hoedown, a weekend long celebration of about 30 music artist that has been celebrated since 1983.
The city also has a variety of festivals that showcases the artistic side of its people. The Detroit Festival of the Arts celebrates the city’s diverse heritage with different artists and performers. This annual festival is done at a cultural center in Wayne State University. Different painters, musicians, puppeteers, and storytellers fill the university’s cultural center. 
Meanwhile, the Comerica Cityfest is the right event for those who love to explore various food and delicacies that the city offers. There are also boutique shops for those who love to shop and music performances for people who just want to listen to Detroit’s varied music genre. The Paczki Day, on the other hand, is the event when people can indulge themselves in paczki or jelly-filled donuts. This festival is popularly known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, and is celebrated before Ash Wednesday.

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